How to Make Popiah Skin

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This is the second edit of the same video posted earlier, with the static in the audio removed.

Here are some points to add to the instructions –

– The Ikea pans used in the video are this model –​catalog/products/40165895 (SKÄNKA) – they come in diff. sizes and I think mine are 30cm.

– I bought the laser thermometer on Ebay (sent from China) for under $40.  Expect to pay more at catering supplies stores in Australia.

– The dough mixture should be so rubbery you can’t tear chunks of it off by hand.  I use a pair of scissors to snip out the amount I need.

– The dough works best chilled; at some point if it gets too warm (ie. through contact with the hot pan surface) it will turn gluggy and hard to handle.  At this stage you need to throw it back in the fridge to cool it down before you can use it again.

– The pastry really needs to be used the same day.  I haven’t tried steaming the leftovers as I make mine fresh every day, but if I do and it works I’ll update this post.

– The pastry sheets tend to stick together so unless you don’t have a problem peeling them apart gently, your best bet is to interleave them with baking paper.

Photo of my popiah taken by Ian Chow.

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