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Thanks for visiting! I started this site when I was running my Malaysian restaurant in Concord (Sydney, Australia), which I closed in 2013 to look after my Down Syndrome baby, Noah.

Since then, my focus has moved towards creating food and travel content in the form of videos, television, recipe development and food and travel writing.

I also run Live video broadcasts covering Southeast Asian cooking.

Over the years, I’ve had some wonderful opportunities to work with some of the biggest brands in the world and travelled to some exotic, far-flung corners of Southeast Asia.

I’m excited about working with brands that are a good fit, so here’s a bit about my social media reach and profiles for you to consider – 

My Expertise

– A Bandt report (2015) has me listed as the #2 most influential Australian chef on social media based on Klout score.

– Alianzo currently ranks me at #8 on its list of Top YouTubers in Australia.

– I’m the #2 most followed Australian on Google+. What my Google+ following means is that every time any of my 1.88 million followers use Google to search for something (eg. Chiang Mai, airline, travel, Malaysian hotel, satay recipe etc.), if it’s something I’ve previously shared on that platform, it WILL show up on the first page of their search results.

– Time Out Sydney once referred to me as “Sydney’s High Priestess of Malaysian Cuisine”, and that label has stuck over the years. I’m a go-to Southeast Asian food expert for journalists who write for top publications including the Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph and SBS’s Feast Magazine.

– As a Live Video pioneer, I have used and tested all the most popular Live video platforms on the market. My background as an IT consultant means I’m at home with technology and adaptable to the ever-changing digital media landscape.

– I’m a regular on Australian and Asian television networks due to my co-presenter and guest stints on popular TV shows such as Everyday Gourmet, Malaysia Kitchen, Fish & Hunt Australia, Hooked, The Travel Bug, Let’s Do Coffee and various breakfast programming.

– My online content is driven by Live videos, through which I create and repurpose multiple evergreen assets eg. recipe posts, e-book recipe compilations, edited videos and more.

– I’m a travel contributor to TourRadar and The Flight Centre magazine, and I also blog extensively about my travel adventures (eg. a 3-day stay in Kelantan generated a 9-part travel series and a recipe book compilation).

I’m constantly on the lookout for more travel opportunities, though my Down Syndrome son may need to come along. This varies on a case-by-case basis, but any shares that include Noah ALWAYS generate more reactions and interest so it makes sense as a brand to include him in my campaigns.

Live cooking demonstrations are another core feature of my work and I’ve been involved in numerous events across Australia, including multiple Malaysia Kitchen campaigns.

– Feedspot ranks my site among the Top 100 Australian Food Blogs  in its 2017 list.

– I’m co-founder at, an Indonesian “Netflix-for-Indies” startup that has partnership agreements in place that can get your branded video content in front of an audience of 120 million in that region and worldwide.

– Coming from a family of street food hawkers and having cooked professionally for over 15 years, my audience recognises and appreciates that my content carries authority and weight.

How Can I Help You?

If you or a brand you represent would like to work with me on any of the following, please email me at

  • Brand Ambassadorships
  • Media Events
  • TV Appearances
  • Food & Travel Promotions
  • Live Cooking Demonstrations
  • Sponsored Blog Posts, Live Videos and Social Media Shares
  • Interviews
  • Cookbook and Recipe Development
  • Public Speaking on topics including – food, Southeast Asia, leadership, entrepreneurship, sole parenting, disability advocacy, social media
  • Restaurant & Product Reviews

Here’s a link to my Media Kit for your quick reference – Jackie M Media Kit

Thanks again for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you 🙂