Jackie M’s Thermomix Review

I think the first I heard about Thermomix was round about when The Katering Show’s YouTube series came out (warning: language).

I really didn’t know much about it and figured it was sort of a glorified blender for people (read: rich Westerners) whose diets consisted mainly of healthy dips and smoothies.

I don’t do “healthy”, and I don’t do dips or smoothies. In other words, my interest in checking it out was really non-existent.

Then I met Zona. If you know Zona you’ll know she’s an ardent Thermomix consultant and evangelist. A Thermo-evangelist if you will.

Somehow she managed to convince me to spend an afternoon testing my Laksa Nyonya recipe on her Thermomix.

It worked out brilliantly. I went away thinking of possibilities with this strange new machine.

The Thermomix isn’t going to replace everything – it doesn’t deep-fry, bake or do high-heat wok charring. If you make stock from bones in large quantities like I do, you’ll still need your stock pot.

There are, however, a bunch of dishes that I don’t make as often as I’d like – dishes that require me to stand in front of a stove stirring for hours. Splattering oil all over my kitchen. There are others I don’t attempt at all – Nyonya curries that require fresh ingredients that are fibrous and hard to mill. That sort of stuff.

I think the Thermomix could handle a lot of them. So I invested in my own Thermomix and it was delivered a week ago today. I’ve been experimenting with it – so far I’ve made Har Meen (prawn noodle soup), red bean sweet soup and garlic chilli sauce (recipe in next post).

I’m keen to check out what other Asian cooking tasks the Thermomix is capable of, and sharing my research here. So I don’t spam my regular subscribers with Thermomix updates, I’ve created a separate opt-in page for those who want to follow my Thermomix Lab adventures.

Here’s the link – https://jackiem.leadpages.co/thermomix/ – and I’ll see you on the flip side 🙂

Questions about the Thermomix? Email me directly at jackie@jackiem.com.au.

Pseudo-Har Meen - noodles in prawn broth - made with the help of my Thermomix)

Pseudo-Har Meen – noodles in prawn broth – made with the help of my Thermomix)

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