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Chicken Rendang made with the Jackie M Mild Rendang Paste

How to Use Jackie M Curry Pastes

Print PDF I've been making my own range of Curry Pastes and Sauces for a number of years now, and they're based on the SAME recipes I used for my Concord restaurant menu and my (very popular but now discontinued) » Read More

Fish Balls and Fish Cakes photo by Alpha via Flickr Creative Commons 2.0

How to Make Fish Paste

Print PDF Q: What do Fish Balls, Fish Cake slices, Thai Fish Cakes, Otak-Otak and Yong Tau Foo (stuffed tofu & vegetables) have in common? A: They're all made with fish paste. This recipe was taught to me by my » Read More

Dried shrimp for sale. Photo credit: erinsikorskystewart via Flickr Creative Commons 2.0

How to Prepare Dried Shrimp

Print PDF Dried shrimp is one of those ubiquitous ingredients in Malaysian and Southeast Asian cooking, but one that a lot of Westerners aren't perhaps familiar with. It's shrimp that's been sun-dried and shrunk and is » Read More

Hotel Jen Penang's Nasi Ulam

How to Make Nasi Ulam Penang

Print PDF Recipe by Hotel Jen, Penang One of the Hotel Jen recipes that didn't make it into our video series during my recent trip there was Nasi Ulam, a herbed rice salad dish. Nasi Ulam wasn't something I was familiar » Read More

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