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Hotel Jen Penang's Nasi Ulam

How to Make Nasi Ulam Penang

Print PDF Recipe by Hotel Jen, Penang One of the Hotel Jen recipes that didn't make it into our video series during my recent trip there was Nasi Ulam, a herbed rice salad dish. Nasi Ulam wasn't something I was familiar » Read More

Uncle Jim next to me, with owner of Wok Passion, Mr. Heng, up back.

Uncle Jim Malaysian Kitchen, Mosman

Print PDF Considering how I live and breathe Malaysian food you could be forgiven if you thought that’s all I eat, round-the-clock. Fact of the matter is, precisely because I cook Malaysian food for a living, I rarely have » Read More

POPIAH photo courtesy of Ian Chow

How to Make Popiah

Recipe by Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur I knew when I shared the Curry Laksa recipe in my last post that it would be just a matter of time before those who watched the accompanying Hangout-on-Air started asking for the Popiah » Read More

Grand Hyatt KL's Curry Laksa

How to Make Curry Laksa

Recipe by Grand Hyatt Hotel Kuala Lumpur I've talked at length about the different varieties of Laksa in Malaysia and posted videos and Hangouts and recipes to cover some of them.  Clearly there's no such thing as too many » Read More

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