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Mature Coconut used for obtaining coconut milk

30 Days – 30 Asian Ingredients (Day 2 – Coconut and Kerisik)

Day 2 - Coconut Milk, Coconut Cream, Thick and Thin Coconut Milk, Creamed Coconut and Kerisik I’ve covered this topic to some extent in a previous blog post so check that out for the recipe for making your own coconut » Read More

Fish Floss made using Thermomix

How to Make Fish Floss or Meat Floss (Thermomix)

I love chicken floss but as a kid growing up in Malaysia it was always a bit of a luxury item so I never got to eat as much of it or have it as often as I wished. (I guess they mustn’t have been cheap even back in those » Read More

Asian Ingredient TN2

30 Days – 30 Asian Ingredients (Day 1 – Soya Sauces)

I thought I might start with an ingredient that almost everyone is familiar with, but which is nonetheless somewhat confusing. There are 3 broad types of soya (aka soy) sauce - sweet soya sauce salty soya sauce » Read More

Char Kway Teow at Excellent Café, Penang

The Great Penang Char Kway Teow Debate

Every time the topic of Penang’s most famous dish comes up, I get a whole host of conjectures about what makes a good CKT - charcoal fire, wok breath, indispensable ingredients like pork fat, pork crisps, Chinese sausage - » Read More

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