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Jackie M - Sambal Baked Fish

Fish & Hunt Australia – Quick & Easy Sambal Baked Fish

Print PDF I love eating Ikan Bakar (Malay Grilled Fish) when I’m in Malaysia – we tend to use whole fish there - and they’re often wrapped in banana leaves and cooked on a charcoal fire. One of the popular » Read More

Mee Hailam, Swiss Inn Kuala Lumpur

How to Make Mee Hailam

Print PDF Recipe by Swiss Inn Kuala Lumpur Most of us know and love Hainanese Chicken Rice but I’d bet good money not many people outside of Malaysia have heard of Hainanese Noodles - what we call Mee Hailam. What little I » Read More

Coconut in Central Market

Travel Diary Kuala Lumpur – Central Market (Part 3)

Print PDF Central Market & Swiss Inn, Chinatown It’s time to catch up with People Express’ Diana who helps me with the aforementioned errands. We drop in for a quick walkaround the nearby Central Market, which is a » Read More

My Yong Tau Foo breakfast. Sauces at the background are – hoisin-based  and chilli.

Travel Diary Kuala Lumpur – Chinatown (Part 2)

Print PDF Chinatown Every time I travel to Malaysia, I need to run some errands on arrival – get myself a local sim card, buy some Malaysian currency, and hunt down and stock up on mango lassi (the only thing baby Noah » Read More

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